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Brayberry PIcture presents ‘The Web’, a pilot about the unknown and mysterious disappearances caused by 1%, follows a group of victims that has fallen in their hands, and now to survive the horrible test they are put through to prove that they deserve to live.This year is a little different as they allow their kids to participate. 

Casting Characters #1

Tony Webb: (40-50) male, any ethnicity, loves his family and what “The Web” stands for.

Jill Webb: (any age) male, any ethnicity, loves her family but hates her husband’s job.

Chris: (any age) male, any ethnicity, enjoy the test, and violence. (must have combat for camera skills)

DJ: (13-25) any gender, any ethnicity, enjoys the rest and violence. (must have combat for camera skills)

Fred: (13-30) Male, any ethnicity, jokester, must be able to run a lot.

Casting Characters #2

Meeka: (20-35) female, any ethnicity, typical preppy mean girl, find joy in the test

Nick: (20-30) male, any ethnicity, masculine gay, heard of The Web and finally has his chance to join

Christian: (any age) male, any ethnicity, gay feminine, nerdy, smart, and very observant 

Rayssa: (17-30) female, any ethnicity, spoiled, feels privileged, never really went anywhere with her parents

Denisa: (18 and older) female, any ethnicity, business woman, smart, a leader

Casting Characters #3

Cindy Lawson: (35-45) male, any ethnicity, house wife, loves and supports her family, Anthony’s mother

Jordan Lawson: (45-55) make, any ethnicity, military officer, always away, but fially get to stay home with his family. Anthony’s father

Jeremy: (18-30) male, any ethnicity, socially awkward, smart, and very observant. Victim of The Web

Drew Henry: (18 and older) male, any ethnicity, works and believes in what The Web stands for, but not the way they go about it.

Kelly Bean:(18 and older) Jeans friend, any ethnicity, any gender. Works for The Web and wants to expose them.

Casting Characters #4

Tish Gour: (55 or older) female, any ethnicity, has been with The Web for years. Training the other team leaders.

Shannon Kerry: (14-18) female, any ethnicity, one of the kids playing the game. She’s very entitled.

Faithy Kerry: (8-13) female, any ethnicity, socially awkward, smart ,the sheep of her family. One of the kids playing the game.

Josh Kerry: (45-55) male, any ethnicity, believes in what The Web stands for. Very rude to others and wife.

Casting Characters #5

Cindy Murdock: (14-17) female, any ethnicity, very calculated, and unaware of what's really happening. One of the kids playing the game.

Jarvis Powell: (14-18) male, any ethnicity, jock, jerk, and thanks he’s the best. One of the kids playing the game

Melissa McCain: (8-13) female, any ethnicity, very sweet and just loves playing games.

Dillan Adams: (45-55) male, any ethnicity, believes in the game but also the most humbled one of all the fathers.

Darrius Pritzer: (10-15) male, any ethnicity, doesn’t really want to be there. He’s being forced by his parents.

Casting Characters #6

Valerie Pritzer: (7-10) female, any ethnicity, kind, sweet, and talkative

Oscar Oaul: (14-18) male, any ethnicity, team leader, scary and does whatever The Web tells him to do.

The Web Guards Guard Captain Ricky: male, any ethnicity, mean, very controlling and lives by The Web, rules and what it stands for


All lives by The Web rules, and the muscle of society.


Company: BrayBerry Picture

Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Location: North Florida/South

Florida Production Type: Pilot

Compensation: $75-$100/Day (Depending on role)